Most Unique, Memorable & Unusual Gigs

The top picks for the most wild performances include:

  • Riding all the way around the track at the Phoenix International Raceway (NASCAR) while standing in the back of a pick-up truck and “bow syncing” to my own recording
  • Playing a live radio show and being interviewed by Bob Boze Bell and David K. Jones where I met Clint Black on the air; he then invited me to record for him
  • 5:30am breakfast for a famous rodeo clown
  • Playing for only three minutes for an international think tank competition
  • Three minute performance in a chef’s coat
  • Performing Orange Blossom Special in a yellow business suit with yellow shoes to represent the Eggo Waffle Company; I had to “act and out fiddle” two violinist guys in tuxes
  • At age 12 our youth fiddling group performed on Live TV for the Wallace & Ladmo Show
  • Six week tour overseas to perform for the troops at various military bases starting in Iceland; we got a ride in a black hawk helicopter.


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