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Energy Rising Album

The music of Energy Rising is the collaborative statement of two gifted artists/composers. Julianna Waller and David Ewing compose contemporary instrumental music for violin, piano, electronic keyboards and rock ensemble. Their music is beautifully melodic yet contemporary in style with elements of new age, classical, American fiddling, and rock. The violin, as featured solo voice, plays dramatic melodies over modern instrumentation. This unique musical blend will touch audiences of great diversity.

“This music composed and recorded with the inspiration bestowed upon us is presented as a gift of energy to you.” Julianna Waller, David Ewing

Album Samples (in MP3 format)

1. Energy Rising
2. Before You Go
3. As the Seabird Flies
4. I See Your Joy
5. Always
6. Before Our Time
7. Lone Rider
8. Above and Beyond
9. A Place In My Heart
10. On My Way

All music composed, arranged, and recorded by David Ewing and Julianna Waller except Lone Rider, composed by J. Waller. All rights reserved.


Julianna Waller, Fiddle & Joe Baer, Vocals

From toe-tapping bluegrass to country swing, this collection of classic cowboy songs highlights the traditions of a bygone era, when drovers and ranch hands alike, soothed their lot with their distinctive musical stylings. With the guitar and the fiddle as the orchestra, cowboy music derived from a blend of styles as diverse as the roots of its authors. While the rhythm guitar laid the foundation, the fiddle provided soaring solos and fills around the vocal lines enhancing the melodies. Influenced by the likes of The Sons of the Pioneers and Bob Wills, Julianna Waller demonstrates the versatility of her fiddle, from bluegrass improvisations in tunes such as John Hardy and Bluegrass in the Backwoods, to sweet renditions of Let the Rest of the World Go By and Memories. Joe Baer’s cowboy singing spins the stories in a voice so authentic it evokes the images of life on the western range. The yodeling in Headin’ for the Ranch and Texas Plains reminds the listener of the lonely cry of the cowboys symbol, the coyote. Swing tunes like Anytime and Whispering show the influence of ragtime and early jazz on cowboy music. In the adventure story Great American Cowboy, the fiddle’s high pitches add an erie suspense building to a dramatic conclusion. And finally Ghost Riders in the Sky hauntingly presages the cowboy’s demise and transformation into legend.

  1. Headin’ for the Ranch
  2. Back in the Saddle Again
  3. Great American Cowboy
  4. Don’t Fence Me In
  5. Back Home In Indiana Instrumental
  6. Let the Rest of the World Go By
  7. John Hardy Instrumental
  8. Anytime
  9. Whispering Instrumental
  10. Wahhoo
  11. Bluegrass in the Backwoods Instrumental
  12. Memories Instrumental
  13. Texas Plains
  14. InTrot . . .Ghost Riders in the Sky

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