Sensible Scales Plus! For Violin & Fiddle PRODUCT NUMBER: 20239

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Sensible Scales Plus! for Violin & Fiddle is an excellent resource for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players! Each skill section is concise, easy to understand, and provides an effective and meaningful approach to learning one-, two-, and three-octave scales plus more. Presentation of scales and arpeggios include excellent fingerings and an emphasis on bowing and rhythmic variations. Beginners are supported with rote and music notation as well as specific goals to accomplish. One special feature is an intense focus on the development of the intermediate player through two-octave scales, arpeggios, and chord progression arpeggios! These studies increase knowledge of music theory, promote chord recognition, and are especially valuable for those learning improvisation. Advanced players will be challenged by three-octave major and minor scales presented in increasing rhythmic values. Finally, scales in sixths and thirds are offered for continued study and development of double stops. Discover a deep appreciation for getting the most out of scales!!

“’It is my feeling that having a true working knowledge of scales, arpeggios, and chord progression arpeggios will greatly benefit and enable players developing improvisational skills,’ writes author and fiddler Julianna Waller…. This new book paves the way to just that--developing solid improvisational skills through scale drills.”
-Strings Magazine

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Past the Print:
Past The Print: Discovering Creative Improvisation for String Players

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Learn how to improvise and explore your creativity with, Past the Print, Discovering Creative Improvisation for String Players. This methodology is presented in workbook format including four Skill Sections titled: Playing Melodies by Ear and Transposing, Sequential Exercises on Chords, Phrase Development, and Experiences in Creativity. Discover the frame work for creative expansion of musical ideas, skill development required for real-time improvisation, and application of exercises in multiple keys. Examples and easy progress tracking are provided for each activity. Skill Section Four, Experiences in Creativity, is a SPECIAL FEATURE offering unique improvisatory activities to spark the imagination through imagery, observation, external stimuli, art projects, and memories! This multi-faceted methodology is appropriate for novice and professional string players of the fiddle, violin, viola, and cello.

PLAY-ALONG RECORDING: A high-quality play-along recording is provided to support your practice and spark your imagination! The recording includes all examples, piano and full-band accompaniment tracks, and compositional excerpts by the author.

“Attention, aspiring bluegrass fiddlers! Are you searching for that special learning tool that will enable you to sharpen those musical skills?”
-Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

“…the techniques and lessons developed by the author can readily be applied to any musical genre to assist serious students to become more imaginative in their approach to their musical instrument.”
-Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

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